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Npower Teach shortlisted candidates 2017/2018 List – see N-Teach list Here

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Ecobank Nigeria Limited Nationwide Intensive Graduate Programme 2017

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Akwa Ibom State College of Education 2017 Job Recruitment

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2017/2018 Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) List Of Successful – Click Here to See Your Name!

Here is the complete information about 2017/2018 Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) List Of Successful – Click Here to See Your Name!

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) – The candidates whose names appear below were successful at the Armed Forces Selection Board Interview held from 8th July to 26th August 2017. The candidates have been offered admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) for the 69th Regular Course. They are to report for training at the NDA (Permanent Site), Kaduna on Friday 22nd September 2017. Any candidate who fails to report on Monday 25th September 2017 will forfeit his or her place to a candidate on the reserve list.

List of Successful and Reserve Candidates for Admission into 69th Regular Combatant Course

Selected candidates will be received on arrival at the Reception Centre located at the Academy Parade Ground (Permanent Site).

Candidates on the reserve list are NOT to report to the Academy until they are invited.
Selected candidates MUST come along with the ORIGINAL copies of their credentials which include First School Leaving Certificate, Primary School Testimonial, School Certificate Results NECO/WAEC, Senior Secondary School Testimonials, Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age and Letter of State of Origin.
Each candidate must also present the original copy of his/her Parent/Guardian Consent Form. Any candidate who fails to present originals of the stated documents will not be accepted into the Academy. In addition, successful candidates are to come along with the following items:

Two pairs of black trousers.
One lounge suite (dark colour).
Two belts (preferably black).
One pair of black cover shoes.
Two pairs of white canvas shoes.
Two pairs of white shorts.
Two pairs of white trousers.
Two pairs of blue shorts and white round neck vests.
Two white shirts (long sleeves).
Four pairs of white socks.
One black rubber-strapped digital quartz wristwatch.
Black polish, brushes, shaving kit and toiletries.
Two white bed sheets and pillow cases for 8 spring bed.
Black swimming trunk/shirt.
Female candidates should come along with the following items in addition:
One pair of black low heel cover shoes.
Two lounge skirts (dark colours).
Two pairs of black or blue short tight.
Two pairs of trouser suits.

Selected candidates are not allowed to receive visitors and will not leave the Academy for the first three months of training. Selected candidates and their parents are to please note the above for strict compliance.

Job Opportunities for Every Biafran – No 5 will shock you!

Do you know that so many people are wondering how Biafrans will survive after gaining independence?  Some are asking questions like “Is there going to be enough job opportunity for Biafrans? Will they have jobs to do to put food on their table? If you are among those who once asked any of the above questions, we have answers here for you?

First of all, let’s start with the biggest truth – Do you know that Biafrans are more like the Chinese in terms of production? Do you also know that biafrans are extremely hard working?. And the last but not the least before we move to the ways biafrans will get employed  after freedoms  is that biafrans are highly talented business oriented humans.

How Biafrans will get jobs after gaining independence?

1. Agriculture

There are so many ways biafrans can benefits from agriculture. Do you know that So many African countries made their initial wealth through agro business before they discovered other source?. Biafra will still do the same in a better way.

If biafrans get independent, they may end up becoming one of the 5 countries with advanced knowledge of modernized agriculture.

2. Health

No one is going to doubt this at all – Biafrans will do extremely well in the health sector.

Do you know that even in the trado medicine, the most sold herbal roots and herbs is owned by an Igbo Man – Dr Iguedos Goko Cleanser?. There will be lots of jobs in the health sector.

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3. Education

Do you know that people from the biafran region are counted as the most educated people in the world? You will never walk into any university in the United States of America and London etc without seeing an igbo professor.

Biafrans loves education just as they love business. Due to their love, they will be so many teaching jobs in both the state and federal level.

4. Banking Jobs

No country will ever be successful without banks; you will see how Biafran banks will create job opportunity for the unemployed.

I know you will be wondering thing like:

  • How will the bank be built?
  • Where will Biafra get money to build the banks?
  • Will World Bank approve the banks?

To be sincere with you, Biafra may even have the strongest banks in the word. You will be shocked how the whole world will appreciate the biafran currency. Graduates who studied banking related courses will get to see reasonable jobs to apply once Biafra is officially approved.

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5. Oil Producation

This is where so many people get things wrong. Some still don’t want to believe that there is oil in Biafra land.

Have you ever wondered why some of the top oil companies is Nigeria is managed by Biafrans. Biafrans will be fully employed into high level oil and gas companies.

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6. Exportation

If you check well, bifrans are known to be major importer, hmm; the whole thing is going to change for good.

The reasons why biafrans will export more is because they will value what they love more once they gain independent. Exportation is seriously going to help in creating a better future for all biafran children.

If you have other thing you feel like to add, kindly use the comment box below to add. Please remember to share this with others so that Biafrans will see that they are many jobs opportunities awaiting them

Npower 2nd Batch Shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 is out – See the List’s Now

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