Access Bank Internet Banking – How to login and steps to follow for easy banking via We found out that most people who sign up for Access bank Internet Banking service don’t really know to login or what next to do after they sign in.

We special got the some of the details on this page from access bank Ibanking page, so you will learn from the bank.

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About Access bank Internet Banking

A self-service Internet Banking platform that offers convenient and secure banking services to customers anywhere anytime. Online banking with access bank plc is fun.


  • Access your accounts anywhere anytime.

  • Remit funds to your loved ones and business associates locally and internationally.

  • Pay your bills at your convenience (Any bill, e.g. DSTV, HiTV; PHCN, etc.)

  • Cheque service requests, “New Cheque book, stop Cheque, Cheque confirmation.

  • Pay business partners and suppliers without stress.

  • Do your transactions round the clock; it’s a 24/7 service.

  • Enjoy convenience.

Sign-Up Process

Step 1

  • Go to the AccessOnline landing page and click “Register Now”.

Step 2

  • Enter your account number in the space provided and click next

Step 3

  • An authentication code will be sent to your registered phone number and email address. (Note that the code is case sensitive, therefore exercise care when entering the code).

  • Enter code in space provided and click submit

Step 4

  • Choose your preferred user name and password

Step 5

  • Select a secure image

  • Accept the terms and conditions and click Submit

Questions & Answers

  • What Is an OTP Password?

    • AccessOnline has two level passwords for enhanced security of your accounts. An OTP password is the second level password that you need to enter to do certain transactions. You need to acquire a Token from Access Bank in order to generate an OTP password.

  • How Do I Get A Token?

    • Visit the nearest Access Bank branch and make a request (for users resident in Nigeria). For users outside Nigeria, please send a mail to or call the following numbers +234-1-7332000 or +234-1-4638100 to get details how to get a token.

  • How Do I Generate Authorization Password?

    • When prompted to enter ‘OTP Password’, press the button on your token to generate a 8-digit number

    • Enter the 8-digit number into the space provided before it disappears from the token

  • I entered an OTP but got an “Invalid Transaction Password” message

    • Check and ensure the right number is being entered and try again.

    • If OTP is correct, then there might be a problem with the token. The customer should please send a mail or call the following numbers +234-1-7332000 or +234-1-4638100 for resolution.

  • Non Receipt of “Authentication Code” on email or phone number.

    • This may occur due to the following

    • Incorrect account number.

    • Where the account number is correct, the customer will have wrong/invalid customer information i.e. email or phone number on FCR.

    • Non availability of Core Banking Application

    • Downtime due to Telco provider in the case of SMS message.

  • Resolution

    • Customer should check and enter valid account number

    • The customer should please send a mail to or call the following numbers +234-1-7332000 or +234-1-4638100 for resolution. The customer details will be checked by the agent and customer will be advised on how to update his information.

    • Customer should wait and try after a while once the CBA is up.

    • Customer should wait and try again after a while

  • Failed Transfer to Other Banks

    • The customer should please send a mail or call the following numbers +234-1-7332000 or +234-1-4638100 for resolution. This will be directed to the NIP team for resolution.

    • Staff should send a mail to the NIP team with the internet banking unit in copy.

    • Reversal of failed transactions will be done a maximum of 24hrs after the transaction has failed.

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