Aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018 – 5 easy step to apply

Do you have interest in aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018? The first thing you need is to qualify, if you are then you are just few  steps away from securing job in the most luxurious branch of transportation in Nigeria. You don’t have to waste any more time. Let’s guide you to find that your dream job in the aviation sector now!

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Do you know that over Sixty-six million people work on monthly basis in the international aviation industry. The high level of employment in the aviation industry makes, aviation business to stand among the top investment in the world.

Aviation plays a significant role in the life of modern society. The aviation professions are on the list of the most attractive and promising specialties in majority of countries around the world. Their dressing code and salary helps them stand out among other workers.

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Do you know that there are so many different kinds of job opportunities in aviation?. Over 50 thousand Nigerians are currently engaged in aviation industry. Some jobs such as a military fighter pilot are reduced.

But others like a UAV operator and steward have become more popular. If you have intention of working in the aviation sector in Nigeria, you need to read the below information with care. We’ve listed all the aviation jobs in Nigeria and the vacancies available.

Aviation vacancies


There are so many things you can enjoy when you get a steward work in one of the top aviation industries in Nigeria. You will enjoy things like;

  • Free travel
  • Exotic routes
  • Dynamic working environment
  • Everyday meetings with new people from different parts of the world.
  • Good salary

You will enjoy the above mentioned things if you get a steward work in aviation. But do you know that this job can keep you far from your friends and family, but you will enjoy the good salary. As a flight attendant, you should have high level of patience and tolerance if you must keep working. You will have to work for at least 14 hours a day. Your working position will be changed from time to time.  

English language is one of the most important requirements for stewards and stewardesses,  and other foreign languages will be an advantage to you.

Line pilots

A pilot job is one of the most aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018,  this is due to the recent increment in air line company registration in the country. More than two air line companies joins the aviation industry almost every month, this in turn creates jobs in the aviation industry

Operators (pilots) of the UAV. The boom of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) caused led to a vast demand for educational programs dedicated to the teaching such operators (pilots). Thus, a lot of UAV’s polygons are provided for training and extensive use of vehicles. Drones have become the “hot pies” of aviation.

Engineering and technical staff

A qualified engineer is needes for maintenance and repair of air line. It Is Necessary To Have A Qualified Technical Staff. It is true that technology is improving everyday, new modernise aircraft is being created by aro engineers. The demand for higly skilled engineers is still important. Engineers get one of the most complex aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018 online.

Other professions

Aviation includes a lot of other jobs. Among them, there are

  • Career dispatcher
  • Meteorologist
  • Cargo
  • Baggage handler
  • Ticket sales agent
  • Airport managers
  • Test pilots Etc

Do you know that air transportation plays a major role in ensuring the sustainability of the above mentioned aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018 form today. Because the higher the demand for air transportation, the higher the demand of aviation job vacancies. 

How to Get Aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018

You can easily get a good job in the aviation sector In Nigeria, they is high demand for air transportation in thr country. Many people now prefer to travel by air more than than land. In addition, the number of private business-class aircraft have grown in the country. The aviation industries in Nigeria needs qualified service and highly professional crews in other to keep up with the ever increasing customers service.

I knkw that there are over 200 job vacancies in Nigeria, but you can still find good and high paying aviation jobs. If you want to find thr jobs, just conduct a search on the top job sites, you will surely see vacancies for different aviation professions:


Flight attendants



Having a certificate that relates directly or indirectly to the aviation industry will be an added advantage on your side when you search for Jobs in this field. Do you know you can safely apply for these aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018 vacancies and successfully find hot Nigerian jobs online?. Yes you can okay, have no fear just search and apply.

Please make sure you read the job requirements and location. Location may differ, that’s why its good for candidates to take note of any job requirements and location before submitting their application form.

Take this great step today by apllying for any of the recent aviation jobs in Nigeria 2018 today. Keep checking your email for latest news/information about the newest jobs in the aviation sector.