Doctor Mike Biography – 15 Things you must know about Him

Doctor Mike

Since everyone are inquisitive to get facts about the world popular Doctor Mike now, we decide to bring hidden fact about him which people don’t know of to the table some of this facts.

Doctor Mike has a different kind of personality, maybe because he was raised by a family that was happy with nothing. Not only did his family struggle financially, they even lived in a one-bedroom apartment with four people. This and many other factor led to the fact that made DR MIKE not to lust over money

HE DIDN’T ALLOW FAME GET INTO HIS HEAD: Doctor Mike is extremely intelligent, driven and caring He is not fazed by the attention. In fact, he claims he’s still the same guy he was before the publicity.

HIS TYPE OF STRESS RELIEF IS BOXING: unlike some individual who prefers to rest in order to reduce their stress doctor mike prefers boxing as his stress relief. Doctor Mike is an eighth-year Tae Kwon Do black belt.

HE IS A BELIEVER OF LOVE: he believes that love superceeds all and love is based on respect and admiration

HE IS ALWAYS GRATEFUL FOR THE LIFE HE LIVES: biggest regret is not being grateful enough for his parents, who sacrificed a comfortable life to move to an unknown country.

HE IS HIGHLY COMMITTED: whatever he does he tries to commit and put his best in it. He also believes romance should be spontaneous.

HE HAS A WONDERFUL IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY. His day would start with a morning run with Roxy in snowy NYC. Afterward, he would play an intense game of basketball with friends and lunch at a delicious steakhouse. Then, Doctor Mike would choose to work an afternoon session at a medical clinic to sharpen his medical skills. Then he would end the day with a date with a woman he loves, some popcorn, Netflix and cuddling.

THE NAME DOCTOR MIKE BEGAN IN HIGH SCHOOL: one can call it an hereditary practice Because his father also practices medicine, his friends would come to him with sports-related injuries and ask for help.

HE ALLOWS CURIOSITY GET THE BEST OF HIM. During college, he took a trip to Israel. On one of the nights, they slept with Bedouin monks in the desert. Foolishly, he decided to explore beyond the campsite to get a taste of what the desert was all about.
Little did he know, the locals would not appreciate this gesture. They chased him back to the camp.

HE IS EMOTIONAL: he revealed “ I am an incredibly emotional person, and I will go through incredible lengths to help other good people. I also cry during sad movies.

HIS BELIEVE ABOUT LOVE. He believes one can tell a lot about love from the way the person treats dog

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