Are you ready to Download 2go Now? You will see How to Download latest 2go 6.3, 7.0 on from this page. The steps you are to follow are so simple.

You will be rocking your own copy of the latest 2go app in few minutes if you cool down and read the information here.

So many people think that 2go is an outdated thing, but you will see good reasons why they are wrong now. 2go still rocks, and it now has so many new amazing features.

Do you truly know that 2go download still robs shoulder with some popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Badoo and Instagram?. Are you aware, that 2go app was among the first social media app that was brought into the African technology market?

However, you can download 2go immediately on any good Internet enabled mobile device. There is also 2go for PC, which can be downloaded on a laptop or desktop computer.

You can only download 2go app on one mobile Phone. However, you are to note that they are still good apps that can enable download 2go more than once on your phone.

I know you will be asking yourself – what will I do next after I download 2go on my phone? Or can I download latest 2go on phone from here? The answers to the above questions is what I will give you now.

How to download 2go app

The first thing you need to known is how to download the latest 2go mobile application on your phone. After that, you will then read steps on how to install and use 2go on your device.

Downloading and installing 2go app is not difficult at all. Below are the steps to follow to download latest 2go app.

Download 2go for Android

You can download 2go and install it immediately on your android phone from Google play store, by clicking here.

Click on INSTALL and allow the app to fully install. Once installed, allow to create the shortcut on your desktop.

Locate the downloaded 2go shortcut on your smartphone and open.

Fill in your NAME>GENDER>COUNTRY>PHONE NUMBER> and follow every other instruction that follows.

You have to upload your Profile photo and update all relevant status as needed. Your new friends will get to know more about you from your profile information.

I hope you’ve seen how simple it is to download 2go on your android phone? In case you have any issues, kindly let drop it on the comment box below.

So now, let’s move on to steps to follow to download latest 2go on other mobile Phones OS (Operating Systems).

How to Download 2go for BlackBerry mobile?

You can download, install and use 2go on your BlackBerry mobile device from BlackBerry world. 2go for BlackBerry rocks just like other BlackBerry social apps you can think of. There are so many amazing features you can enjoy when you download 2go on your bb.

Visit your Blackberry App World on your device and search for 2go or click here using your native blackberry browser.

Click on DOWNLOAD and allow to fully downloaded, Allow the app to install.

After installation, open the APP and type in your COUNTRY>PHONE NO>DESIRED USERNAME>DESIRED PASSWORD>GENDER>DATE OF BIRTH>and any other information that might be required.

How to Download 2go for Java and symbian mobile Phones

I know that not so many people use java or symbian phone to do 2go, but I’ve written this guide for you that still Cherish your java or symbian device.

You can download and enjoy 2go by visiting your java phone or symbian phone mobile app play store.

After you download the app, kindly install and follow the required steps to set the app.

Latest Changes in 2go on Android and BlackBerry

2go Inc changes/updates it’s mobile app regularly to meet with the ever rising demand of users. You can download latest 2go today and find out tomorrow that a new version is out.

Before a new version of 2go app will be released, the app developers will first test and confirm it’s stability.

2go Inc recently released the latest version of 2go for Android and for BlackBerry device. You can download 2go latest version now by  visiting or

You can freely download version 6.0 to version 7.0 which is currently the latest 2go version.

How to Recover your 2go password after you download 2go on your phone

As seen on (credited to – Techsonite. It is always advisable to do a password recovery for your 2go account instead of opening a new one.

Let’s get down to this:

STEP 1: Visit and select your country and hit go (the default country found there is South Africa) to download 2go.

STEP 2: Hit on the help page and select ‘I forgot my password/PIN’

From here, just follow the instructions that appear.

STEP 3: You will be requested to send ‘2go Pin’ to a SHORT-CODE (This service is not free, you will be charged for the SMS)

Also, remember to use the very phone number you used in registration to retrieve your new password.

  • However, to restore your chats for Registered users of 2go:

In the case whereby you previously have the 2go app on your phone (you already registered and probably changed your phone)

Follow these steps listed above on how to download 2go BUT when you get to the Registration page, just hit the LOGIN button instead and impute your‘username’ and ‘password’. This will automatically restore back your previous 2go messenger and previous chat history.