Here is the current Euro to Naira Exchange Rate today in Black Market. You will also see How to Buy or sell Euro to Aboki – Bureau de change. 

There are so many things that cause Euro and Naira to always go high or come down. You will find more about that later in this article.1 eur to ngn black market is all you will find here.

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However, Abokifx is always updating the latest exchange rate of 1 to 100 euro to 1 Naira.

Different banks charges at Different amount when trading Euros online likewise Dollars & Pounds, Gt bank, First Bank & Access Bank seems to be among the Banks that charges small amount in exchange for European Euros, Gtb charges N345 and Access Bank charges N348. Below is the black market Euro to Naira exchange rate today:

N412 per one euro – Buy Rate

N420 per One euro – Sell Rate

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Over the years Euro to Naira exchange Rate had never worsen like this, The European Euro which used to trade for N230 at earlier 2014 is now at it’s worst stage at N470, Each and every season we have Youth engaging in one of the most profitable business out there which is Importation, Infact rumors even had it that some import tooth picks, That’s ridiculous

How to check Euro to Naira Exchange Rate Today online?

You can always visit this page whenever you want to get Latest information about euro exchange rate to Nigerian Naira. Kindly note that we will be updating this page from time to time so as to meet with the ever change exchange rate of European euro and Nigerian Naira.