Are you interested in getting Fidelity Bank account opening form? Do you need a Savings or a current account? Let me tell the good news, you can actually open your own account with Fidelity bank online. 

There are so many things you can do through fidelity bank website, opening a bank account is one of them.

Here you will learn how to create/ open a Fidelity bank account in Nigeria and the types of accounts you can own.

Are you ready to explore Fidelity Bank account opening information with me? Do you want me to show you the easy step by step  guide on how to open a Fidelity bank account?

Okay here we go,

First let me give you small tips about Fidelity Bank of Nigeria PLC. This bank was established in 1988. The Central bank of Nigeria, gave Fidelity bank right to operate as a commercial bank in same Year.

Since then, Fidelity bank has gained much popularity in the banking industry.

There are over 200 branches of this bank nationwide, their workforce so amazing.

Having an account number with Fidelity bank PLC is a important if you want to enjoy quality banking service. A savings account help  you save your cash, you will also earn good commission/interest for every cash deposit you make.

Fidelity Bank account opening form online

Opening a savings account with Fidelity bank of Nigeria PLC

Are you ready to pick the online savings account opening application form? You can now save yourself the stress of going to the banking hall.

You can also request for an ATM card, this card will help you make cash withdrawal in any Nigerian ATM machines.

How to open a Fidelity bank savings account online?

First you need a valid home address, this address will be verified later by Fidelity bank marketer/customer care officers.

A valid phone number and email adress is also required. If you don’t have have an email you can create one from

Due to the recent account verification notice from central bank, a bvn number is required for those who own account in other banks. If you don’t have an account before, kindly ignor the bvn  number.

You need to provide your sure name (Your father’s Name). Your first name and other names are also required.

Your sex, date of birth and marital status is important too.

Current account registration on fidelity bank website

You can equally have an current account with Fidelity bank PLC, to open your own current account kindly read the steps by steps guide.

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You will need to visit

Enter your full details and download the address form. Please provide a utility bill like;

  • Or water board bill

Fidelity Bank demands two reference form from all those who wants to open a current account. Your two referees must also own a current account in Fidelity Bank or any other Nigerian banks.

You can also open other types of account with Fidelity bank by visiting their local branches or their headquarters. Domiciliary Account, Pounds account etc are some other types of account you can operate ad a Fidelity bank customer.

Note: Students, small business women and men can enjoy good discounts by opening a Fidelity bank account today.

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