Have you downloaded the Fidelity Bank Mobile AppDo you want to Download Fidelity Online Banking app now?

Are you not tired of going into the banking hall for every little transaction? Keep reading this guide, so you will know how to download this app.

Mobile baking applications now makes banking sweet. You need to have Fidelity online banking app on your Mobile phone, that is if only you want to explore more Fidelity banking possibilities!

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There are so many things you are missing, simply because, you’ve failed to download the Fidelity bank mobile app on your mobile device.

Fidelity Bank online banking app

From now onwards, you will no longer miss any important information regarding your account. This app, can help you check your account  balance, send cash to business associates and loved ones. You can also buy airtime from the fidelity bank mobile app on your phone.

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How to download Fidelity online banking app?

The Fidelity bank mobile app has been programmed to run on three different type of phones operating systems.

I’ve listed the kinds of phones you can use Fidelity Mobile banking app on below:

  • Andriod device
  • IPhone
  • BlackBerry

Now I will explain how you can download this fidelity bank mobile app into any of the above listed phone OS.

How to download on android phones?

I have good news for you now, that’s  If only you are using an Android phone. But if you use an iPhone or BlackBerry phone, kindly scroll down to read more on how to download this app okay.

Android users can now download Fidelity Bank mobile app on any android phone version. But this app will work faster of you are using the latest android version.

To start the download, kindly visit google play website from here or

Click on the download button, wait for the Fidelity online banking app to download successfully okay.

Once the download is complete, allow the application to install. Fidelity Bank mobile app installation can take up to 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Now that the app is fully installed in your phone, open it and run the app. You can download and run this app on any of the android phones below;

  • Techno
  • Infinite
  • Lenovo
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • LG
  • Samsung Galaxy

How to download Fidelity online mobile app on any iPhone device

Do you want to download the Fidelity bank mobile app on your iPhone Mobile device? Here, I will show you how to download Fidelity app on your iPhone 6, IPhone 7 or even the future versions like 8,9 and iPhone 10.

So are you ready to download this app now? Okay, let’s go there!

Download from here

How to download on BlackBerry phones

To download this app now on your BlackBerry phone kindly visit BlackBerry world here


• Install the Fidelity Online Banking app
• Open the App and sign in with existing credentials

How To Register Fidelity Bank Mobile App

If you’re 16 or above and you have your mobile number registered for our SMS alert services as well as any of our Debit Cards, click on “Sign Up Here”, and follow the onscreen instructions.

A verification code will be sent to the mobile phone you have registered for your account number with us.

If you’ve got a verification, follow the onscreen steps to register.

You will be required to use your Fidelity Debit Card OR visit the nearest Bank branch to activate your fidelity Online banking app profile.

Once done, you can start using your Online Banking account immediately

To do much more, download the Fidelity Soft Token app on your phone and sign in with your fidelity Online banking app credentials.

Users review

We have found out that some people aplrecuted the Fidelity app while other said the app is not Worth it. The latest version (Version 4 and above) is out now.

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