We have finally decided to share the secret on How to Make Money on Facebook in 2017 and even 2018. You will discover the 5 steps to earn from without much stress.

On this tutorial which is not  yet in PDF, I will share with you ways you can start making cash from Facebook from the comfort of your home. You will discover how to make cash on daily, weekly or monthly basis via Facebook.

If you must know, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. It has over one billion registered members.

Learning about how to make money on Facebook 2017 will help you make a better life out of this year.

Many people still believe that Facebook is a just a social media, no it’s not at all. Facebook is more than the social media you call it. Lots of persons who read this my guide on steps on how to make Money on Facebook has actually made good money in less than 8 weeks.

The most important thing here is that, this tutorial is free. You don’t have to pay to learn anything on this page.

Earning money on Facebook may seem difficult as anytbing, but as an expert, I’ve managed to earn a good living from Facebook, Google and other online platforms.

See my secret, I don’t send my time online for nothing, its either I am making money or I am calculating the money I’ve made so far.

How to make money on Facebook 2017 – The Easiest way forward

There are two ways by which one can earn cans from I will show you the two methods which I use steady to tap currency from Facebook Inc.

Like you ready know, Facebook is popular and for this reason, there are many ways you can earn from Facebook. But all the method you will ever see falls under this my simple two methods.

Method 1 (One) – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one step that answers this question of how to make money on Facebook 2017/2018. This involves selling of goods or services of another company or person via Facebook.

You will earn for sharing and selling cloths, shoes, handbags, wristwatches, television, generators and even babies on Facebook. How Facebook affiliate marking works is by:

You will sign up with any affiliate company like:

  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • Jumai
  • Konga or AliAlibaba etc.

After your sign up, you will get an affiliate link which you will promote on your Facebook page, Facebook group or even your personal account. You will earn money when someone follows your affiliate link to buy any goods or services you advertised on Facebook.

Method 2 – Personal promotion

This method also gives reasosno answer to how to make money on Facebook 2017. With this method, you will becksm your own boss, you will no longer have to work for any affiliate company or group.

Branding is what you need here, no need for an affiliate Link. However, this method is somehow difficult, but if you have patient you will not only know how to make money on Facebook through this means, but you also how to become a pro.

In this method, you will create a page or group on Facebook. People will pay you to advertise their goods or services.

How to make money on Facebook 2017 on a Facebook page or Group

Facebook page is one of the best tools you can ever see in Facebook. A page or group is just like a professional profile on Facebook.

You can create a Facebook page or group once you own a Facebook account.

Thank you for reading how to Make Money on Facebook 2017 from us.

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