Are you searching for Jobs in Lagos 2018?. Would you like to see latest Recruitment vacancies in Lagos State? If yes, then keep reading okay.

There are so many career opportunities in Lagos State. You can find government jobs in Lagos, private jobs and even state jobs. You can never run out of job in Lagos state if you are very serious about getting a job.

ReadBank Recruitment in Nigeria

The big problem many job searchers face in Lagos is finding the right and high paying jobs. There is absolutely no gain in working in a place where you won’t be paid well.

I know that most people believe that the salary is not always the problem, that the working environment, is the issue. I don’t believe that, because you have to earn enough to pay your bills.

There are different sectors you can work. Getting high paying jobs in Lagos 2018 is not a child’s play. If you are not careful, you will even end up the hands of greedy recruiters.

Lagos is a big city, so a lot of things happens in Lagos. Ladies sometimes are the ones who end up having plenty challenges in sureing a good job in Lagos.

How to get latest Jobs in Lagos 2018 State

Getting Lagos jobs isn’t easy as I’ve said above, but there are some certain things you can do and you will be walking back home with an invitation letter.

I will list some of the things and how to do them.

Find Lagos jobs online

Read newspapers regularly

Subscribe to job blogs

Finally find jobs through recruiters

Now I will be breaking down the above mentioned steps so you will understand more about how to get latest Jobs in Lagos 2018 State, Nigeria.

Find jobs online – There are over 100 Nigerian websites where you can get latest Lagos jobs by using your phone and internet data. Do you know that so many companies in Lagos advertise online anytime they have career opportunities.

The internet is one of the surest way to find latest and high paying vacancies in Lagos 2018 for Free.

Read Newspapers – This is another method you can source for latest jobs vacancies in Lagos without stressing your life. However, the Youth of today now enjoy reading gossip and sport news all day in the daily papers instead of checking for career options.

Subscribe to Job Blogs/Websites – A job website or blog is an online webpage where latest jobs vacancies are posted on daily, weekly or Monthly basis.

You can get jobs in Lagos 2018 when you subscribe for latest job update.

We can as well help you with relevant information about jobs across Lagos if you want. All you need is to subscribe to our jobs alert.

Find Jobs through recruiters – You can find jobs in Lagos 2018 through professional recruiters. The work of the hiring/staffing company is to source for jobs in Lagos state, compaile the jobs company information and document the information properly.

You will be hired by the staffing company, after that, you will be sent to companies that requires your skills. The reason why most people don’t want to get jobs in Lagos through this means is because, they don’t pay their workers steady.

Some of staffing companies do collect more than the expected percentage from their hired workers salary.

Types of jobs in Lagos 2018/2019 – Career opportunities you can find Lagos State

Below are the type of jobs you can find in Lagos. The nature of the job is not the main issues, you have to consider the salary too.

Healthcare (Hospitals and Primary health centers)

Nursing (Professional Nurse and auxiliary Nurse)


Petroleum engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil engioperation

Oil Company jobs

Airline operation

Hotel jobs

University/Polytechnic Jobs (Academic and Non-Academic staffs)

Lecturing jobs


House help

Cleaner jobs

Waiter and hotel attendants

Hotel manager


Pastoring and church jobs

Consultancy and ICT

Event managers

Restaurant attendance

Bar man/Bar girl

Boutique jobs

Government jobs in Lagos – How to apply

You can apply for local government,  state government and federal government vacancies in Lagos 2018 by going through national newspapers on daily basis.

One of the easiest ways to see government vacancies in Lagos state is by reading through federal inland revenue service commission website. You can also visit federal ministry of works website to uncover latest paying jobs in Lagos 2018 today.

You can visit top jobs sites in Nigeria to find out more.

Make sure you visit regularly so you can see latest vacancies in Lagos everyday.

Do you want to know more about Lagos jobs 2018 today? Let’s help you find a job today. Comment below and share this information.