Here is the complete information about Kiss Daniel biography and his love life. You will See his girlfriend, mother and real age details from this page. You will also get to download and listen to any of his songs too.

Kiss Daniel is one of the top rater Nigerian musicians, he is a young star that is loved by many music lovers. His parents named him Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel, but he is popularly known as Kiss Daniel.

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Just like every other musician, he is also very active on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

FULL NAME: Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe

DATE OF BIRTH: June 27, 1992




Kiss Daniel biography and his love life - See his girlfriend and real age

If you cool down and read this guide, you will understand every thing you need to know about kiss Daniel biography and his net Worth.

However, we are going to show you some of his latest, cars, mansions and the recent pics he took with his girlfriend. More on this – You will also get to know how kiss Daniel became popular and the current music label is signed into.

Kiss Daniel Biography – About his Parent and Young Lifestyle

His native state in Nigeria is Ogun state. To say a few words about his education, he holds a diploma of Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta. He studied Water Engineering.

According to him everybody in his family appreciate his music career, they wanted him to do something that he likes, and that is really being supportive and encouraging; when he was in school he stayed focus, and they were well relaxed like they trust him that you can’t disappoint.

His parent believe “Even if he’s doing any other thing, that school oh! e no dey mess with am” when he was in school he had a very good result, which he finished with 2.1, not just that but a strong one rumors has it he had 4.2.

Kiss Daniel biography – About kiss Daniel music career

Kiss Daniel music career was encouraged and supported by his father, so it was much easier to become famous and respected. In 2013 he joined G-Worldwide Entertainment CEO record label.

While studying in the University he took a decision to become involved in music

How old is kiss Daniel?

This is the question that’s on everyone’s Lips. Kiss Daniel age is always a thing of interest especially to this that underrate him. He may be small in body size, some even say that he is still a teenager. However, you will be shocked when you see how old kiss Daniel is.

Kiss Daniel mother is not known to us, but we know details of his father. However, the dad is late but we have also decided to include his name  “Anidugbe Kola Anidugbe”.

His Net Worth and investment

It will be total error if you finish reading about kiss Daniel biography without knowing about his net Worth. You need to know the amount of money in kiss failed bank account.

Currently (2017) the net Worth of kiss Daniel is $500k.

Kiss Daniel songs and album

  • Shoye
  • Woju
  • Laye
  • Good Time
  • Laye
  • Nothing Dey
  • Good Time
  • Mama
  • Kiss Me
  • All God
  • Give Into
  • Kudi
  • New King
  • Napo
  • Are You Alright
  • Gobe
  • Ghetto Boys
  • Sin City

Album – New Era 2016.

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