Latest 2go version 7.0 download on or is all what you will be getting from here. I will show you the simple steps I followed to download and install the latest version of 2go on my own phone.

You will master how to get new versions of 2go mobile app all the time. It’s always advisable for one to update his or her 2go app anytime a new version is released. A fresh version of 2go is out now, this guide explains how to download and install it.

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For every new version, 2go developers normally adds two to five new amazing features that want present in the older version. The latest 2go version can be updated either through, or through your phone update notifier.

Some times, the app developers will just update the previous version with new features. The truth still remains that some people loves using old and outdated 2go version due to their inability to master the simple features added to the latest version of 2go by the app developers.

However, those who switch over to the newer versions of 2go always retune here to share the good experience.

There is no way you can compare an old 2go version to the latest version for Android or BlackBerry. There is always a huge difference from the two.

How to download latest 2go version

Downloading the latest  version of 2go is not difficult. All you need to do, is to log on to your current 2go app and update it. But if that didn’t work well, then you have to visit your phone play store to download and install it.

Latest 2go version for Android

Android users can now download and install the newest version, which is version 7.0 via google play store. You can also download it straight way from here.

So now, you can enjoy the latest version of 2go on your android device. Be free to drop a comment below in case you have questions to ask.

Latest 2go version for BlackBerry

If you a BlackBerry user, kindly keep cool and read how to download latest 2go version on your device. The steps are so simple.

First  you have to do is to visit your phone apo store. You will see an update button when you open the 2go app on your phone app store. BlackBerry world is the perfect BlackBerry app store to visit.