Are you looking for Makeup schools in Port Harcourt City, Rivers State where you can learn advanced make? Keep reading so you can see where you will learn professional make-up in PH.

Port Harcourt city is a place where many parties and events are hosted on daily basis. This gives make-up artists the opportunity to sell their business very well. Make-up business in Nigeria is defiantly one of the best and easiest business any woman can engage in.

Learning advanced make-up is easy, you just have to put in your interest and every other thing will be story.

If you want to attend any of the Makeup schools in Port Harcourt city, you must be wiiling to put in all your best. Makeup business is very lucrative in Port Harcourt due to the high rate of flexing.

Girls in Port Harcourt loves going to parties and night clubs in the name of hustling. These set of girls that hustles loves make-up like madness.

For more information about makeup schools in Port Harcourt you can register at WhatsApp 08060497906

The owner of the above phone number is not a make artist, but he can give you guidance on where to locate good makeup schools in Port Harcourt city.

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However, there are still so many other way where you can still earn if you become a professional make-up artists in Port Harcourt.

As a professional make-up artist you can get jobs in the following places in Port Harcourt:

Professional makeup schools in Port Harcourt

Wedding Events

Night clubs

Birthday parties

Do you know that so many girls in Port Harcourt even make up their face when they are going on a first date. This and many more, are one of the reasons why you need to apply for a makeup school in Port Harcourt so you too can start tapping from the wealth.

Top make-up training schools in Port Harcourt

We’ve listed some of the make up schools in port Harcourt you can attend below:

Missstyle Qeeen Nigeria Beauty Pagent

DL Events

Beige Model Management

Triumphant Evangelical Production

AJ Signatures Makeover


Goodlooks And Bridals

Colours Of Nature


Zeline Makeovers

Note: You have to note that the above mentioned make-up parlours offers different rates in respect to pricing.

If you have any question about how to register for a beauty makeover training in Port Harcourt, kindly comment using the comment box.


  1. How do I know the best makeup studio among the listed ones as I want to learn from the best? And how do I know the fees ?

  2. I want to learn from the best . Am so much interested in been a makeup artist. So I need your opinon in the above mentioned schools which are the best.