Do you know that MMM Registration 2017 is still going on? You will discover from here, how to join at in 2017 and make it real big.

There is no Much thing to day about MMM registration 2017 in Nigeria again, because I believe you’ve heard one or two stories about MMM.

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However, you have to keep the negative stories you’ve heard about MMM Nigeria of you are sire you want to complete MMM registration for 2017.


You can read and see how the MMM Nigeria 2017 registration form looks like. Kindly note that you can not complete your registration on this page. If you want to register kindly visit

You may register by filling in the form;

Or you may ask MMM guiders to help you. The list of MMM guiders is below the form.

It’s up to you. :-))

But you can choose only one option. Either the form or the list. :-))

(a nickname is possible)

(for example:

ATTENTION! Use your existing e-mail address only (!!!); otherwise, malicious users may access your account and withdraw all of your funds! If you have lost access to your account, immediately inform your guider and us via the CONTACTS section of the web-site.

(for example, +234123456789)

(enter your password)

(re-enter your password)

(ATTENTION! If you were invited by other participant, you should specify here the e-mail address of his/her account)

Enter the code from the picture

Is MMM still working in 2017?
This is the big question on every MMM participants lips. Everyone is now asking if MMM Nigeria is still registering new members? Yes, they still do.
Many people started earning big cash from MMM Nigeria since February 2017. These serious ones will still keep eating money from MMM.
MMM registration 2017 is free, you will get 30% from all donations you make.

How to recover/ withdraw/ GH your 2016 Mavro from MMM office

If you joined MMM Nigeria last year, then they is small chance that your cash was hanged. Mine was too, but I am now ready to recover them all.
All I did wasn’t to register a new account, I just login to with my password. I forgot my password, but I  recovered the password before I was allowed to sign in.
You too, can still get help from your last year mavro, all you need is to login again. 
However, you can join MMM by filling the MMM Registration 2017 form online now.