Are you interested in seeing the newest Movie Auditions in Port harcourt City 2017? Are you interested in becoming an Actress or Actors in Nollywood? Let’s show you lists of Nollywood companies you can attend their auditios so you can start making good use of your talent.

Movie auditions helps movie producers to select the best actress and actors for a movie role. Port Harcourt city is one of the biggest city in Nigeria and there are a whole lot of movie auditions you can attend in PH.

Warning: You are not to pay anyone anything online to get a movie audition form. If you need a to know all movie auditions in Port Harcourt city, kindly ensure you contact moves directors.

However, you can also chat 08060497906 For more information on where to get the best Nollywood movies registration form. Please note that the owner of the above mentioned phone number is not in anyway related to Nollywood, but he can help you with relevant information concerning latest movie auditions in Port Harcourt 2017.

Are you ready to know some of the hoteest places you can go for movie auditions in Rivers state? Arsovery sure you can act very well? Your level of acting is one of the major thing that will be put into consideration to determine if you will be selected for a movie role or not.

How to find Nollywood movie auditions in Port Harcourt and how to make it through the audition?

The reason why many Nollywood movie makers condect auditions from time to time is just to ensure that capable actress and actors are recruited for a movie role.

Do you know that some of the top birds in Nollywood like Tonto Dike and INI Edo once attended a movie auction? It’s your level of performance during the audition that will determine if the audition directors will carry you along or not.

Do you know that more than 50 movie auditions are held in Port Harcourt every month? Do you still know that major actress and actors some times features in the auditions? Let’s show you how to get an auction form below:

1. You can some movie academy’s in Port Harcourt city.

2. Keep your eyes open for any advert concerning movie auditions in Port Harcourt online and in the streets.

How to make it through movie auditions in Port Harcourt city even in your first trial?

You can still become a good actress or actor even in your very first audition. Its not really necessary that you must attend different auctions before you get selected to act with professional. But you need to have a good acting skills.

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  1. Am here in Port Harcourt, acting as been my dream right from my childhood really want my dream to come true am very good in both stage play and movie also a makeup artist.

  2. Hi, I have always loved acting and really want to become a star actor. Please I need information concerning movie auditions taking place in porthacourt,thanks.

  3. Hello my name is Brenda Maxwell I would like to be auditioned. So I will be grateful if I get notifications on auditions in port Harcourt.

  4. Gud day, i love acting nd always dreaming of becoming a star, i rili need notifications wen d audition is taking place

  5. Hi, am an aspiring actress I really want to share my talent with the world because I know I’ve got one, I Base in porthacourt. And would love to be notified of movie auditions in porthacourt, will be grateful if u help me archieve this dream..