Here is how you can login at page Here – Npower Volunteers Network Portal

Let’s show you how you can login to your npower Nigeria volunteers network Portal. If you need to continue with npower 2017 physical verification, then you’ll need to read this guide very well.

Do you know that Npower volunteers network is a page specially created for all shortlisted npower candidates?

However, if you haven’t seen your name on npower list, kindly read this: Npower 2nd Batch Shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 is out – See the List’s Now

Now let’s move straight to how you’ll be able to login to your Npower volunteer network account.


How to Login to Npower Volunteers Network?

You’ll be able to login to npower Volunteers network website if you visit npvn.Npower. But you’ll have to make your choice by deleting any of the npower program listed below:

So now let’s move on,

One of the most important steps you have to take is to ensure you provide your right Login details. You’ll ensure that your password and username is correct.

Once you’ve logged in, kindly follow the steps below to perfome other tasks on npower Volunteers network Portal.

See the guide below:

Upload your bvn details

Update your account information (Bank information)

You can kindly use our comment box to ask your questions. Login Here – Npower Volunteers Network Portal


  1. What are the log in details, I used my phone number as username and password, I used my bvn and I even used my surname as password…. I have tried it vice versa…..
    Pls any help

  2. pls what are the login details? I’ve tried my phone number and even my bvn but it doesn’t log me in. I keep getting invalid username and password.

  3. since last year, I haven’t received my remaining stipend from January to may. my name is Fowomola Sherif Bidemi from kwara state, Ilorin. many steps has been taking but was proved abortive. Ever since last year June ,I was started receiving my stipend. they paid me each each month accordingly while some beneficiaries received like 5 to 8 months at once. This is not fair at all. My Post in these programme is N- Teach.

  4. i was sent an sms that i have been exited from the programm due to those of us whose salary has been pending for 45 days.i was paid my febuary and march 2017 stipend by january and felt that was why my payment was pending,only to be informed last night, 9th of march of my expulsion from the name is Omilade Oluwafisayo post is N-Teach.i am 2016 batch.

  5. I have always used my BVN to login and i don’t have any account created or any password. Please, i need help to login as i don’t have a password

  6. Please help me House. I received this message since 23rd of April, 2018. I have been trying to login, is not going. Someone should help me for way out.

    Congratulations on successfully getting qualified. To start learning, kindly log on to with your email or phone number.

  7. Sir ,my backlog of four months is still pending. January to April 2027,pls help in retify it for me sir.from Gabriel Peter Adoyi n-teach Nasarawa masaka. Thanks sir

  8. Good p.m Sir. Pls, I am writing to resign from the npower program. I will be happy if my application is granted. Thank you.

  9. I was ownd 14month of stipend and I was unable to select my device.pls what is the way forward .my name is Lawal olajumoke rukayat from Kwara state.