Many prospective corp members are asking alot of questions that needed prompt answers.

Here below are the generally asked questions and answers.

1. Are we going to be given pillows in camp or just foam lol.
2. for people going with mosquito nets, what if you’re given up bunk… where do you find tent poles?
3. i heard that sometime in the past, corpers were given Condoms, does it still work ?
4. Laundry, how can one manage that without fear of losing ones clothes
5. are there barbers in camp?
6. dry cleaning. any provision for ironing and dry cleaning in camp?
7. is attending churches on Sunday compulsory?
8. if white shirts and shorts is the main dress code, what of time for sports in the evenings?
9. Money and safeguarding one’s phones. what’s a good procedure to do especially in the night, doing laundry and taking a bath?
10. are guys allowed to visit female dorms?
11. Safeguarding one’s clothing. what’s the best way to mark your wears?
12. can one come to camp a day before the opening? let’s say you’re from Delta going to serve in Taraba state.
13. what activities are/are not compulsory?
14. if you’re an instrumentalist, can you go to camp with your guitar or piano (to be used in church etc)?
15. please add other necessary info we need to know.


1.No pillows,just the student mattresses.
2.You don’t need tent pole,in fact when you get to camp,you will be amazed with inventions.
3. Yes,some camps still give out condoms but I doubt the northern camps,I will advice you to pack it from home.
4.LOL,wash your clothes and don’t be far from it especially the first and last week in camp.
5.Yes,good barbers are in maami camp.
6.Yes,a lot of dry cleaners,give them your clothes, it got stolen then they are responsible.
7.Not compulsory.
8.That’s why you have to buy at least 3 whites shorts and shirts when coming to camp as another 2 will be given to you.
9.Let your waist purse be with you at all times even when taking your bath and doing your laundry.
10.Hmmm,officially NO,just control your babe with a phone call.
11.Use marker,probably permanent marker to write your names/moniker on it.
12.Yes,you can,in fact it’s the best.
13.The military men expect you to participate in all activities alas you can skip your meals LOL.
14.Yes you can.
15. Be humble,spend wisely and make good friends.

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