I know you want to know about Peter Okoye Biography and his Net worth. You’ve just landed on the right page where you will see his wife’s pictures and that of his children too.

The psquare brothers are the  popular twin musicians in west Africa.They’ve released a whole lot of song, and they’ve as well introduced different kinds of dancing steps.

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Here, you will read about peter okoye, who is better known as Mr.P. You will discover so many things about peter okoye biography from The Jagaban King.

If your answer is yes, then keep reading so you will find out latest information about Peter.

Peter okoye biography – His career life

Peter okoye was born on 18th November, 1981. His full name is

This young talented Nigerian musician was born in Amabara State. He local government and state of origin isIfite Dunu, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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From what we’ve discovered, we have found out that peter is a good Singer while his twin brother is a perfect dancer.

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Connecting with peter okoye isn’t difficult, you can add him up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via Snapchat.

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The call and WhatsApp Phone number of Peter okoye is not easily displayed on his music audio or videos.

Kindly note that all the music awards for peter is also same as Paul – Peter and Paul are one.

Lola Omotayo is the wife of Peter okoye. She was his girlfriend for 18 years before they finally decided to get married. Their weeding pictures and wedding cake was awesome.

Peter is a father of two adorable kids, son Cameron and daughter Aliona.

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Peter okoye’s net worth is estimated to be N11 billion naira.