I know you want to upgrade your 2017 Jamb utme result to a better score that can help you gain university/polytechnic admission. But I have some important information I will share with you below.

Read This First Before You Upgrade Your 2017 JAMB UTME Result – Dear readers please be at alert of some online scammer saying they can “Upgrade Your 2017 JAMB UTME Result” . 

Some candidate have been searching on the internet on how they can “Upgrade Their 2017 JAMB UTME Result”.

Please Run For Your Life! You cannot upgrade your Jamb Score, even if the person claim to be working at Jamb office, Abuja. Don’t be fooled. Whatever you wrote during your Jamb examination is what you are going to score.

We’ve been inundated with complaints from JAMBites that they have been scammed by unscrupulous persons who promise to upgrade their Jamb CBT Results.

If you see anyone who parade him or herself as a JAMB official or you see people asking you to contact so, so and so for “JAMB UTME Result Upgrading” is nothing but a THIEF. And We hope that the law will catch up with them very soon.

We wishes to advice all the Jamb 2017 candidates to beware of such set of people as you will have yourself to blame if you send your hard earn money to them.

We receive this in the comment sections in the 100s everyday, but we are sending it to the spam box. Please don’t fall for this cheap scam.

This goes also for WAEC result upgrading, 2017 JAMB UTME Result and all the upgrading! You need to upgrade yourself to avoid getting scam.