Learn how to start Recharge Card printing Buisnes in Nigeria from the comfort of your home now. I will be giving you guidelines on how you can start MTN, GLO, ETISALETE (9mobile) and AIRTEL recharge card business in 2017 for Free.

Are you ready to become a top recharge card  distributor in your area? If you just answered yes, then keep reading this information so you will discover many more about recharge card business.

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What is a recharge card – Airtime?

Now, let me give you a little Info about what a recharge card is. A recharge card is a any card, you can recharged on your phone in order to make or receive calls and SMS. There is more to what you already know about a recharge card Printing business in Nigeria, but for now let’s move on. However, I shall be focusing on how you can start and make huge profit when you start recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, there are four major network service providers which are:



ETISALAT (9Mobile)


Your understanding of how to start recharge card business with any of the above mentioned telecommunications companies is what will keep you in this business. Printing and distribution of recharge card is far beyond what you know, there are so many untold stories about how to begin this business.

I will beak down every thing you need to know about printing and selling all Nigerian telecommunications recharge cards.

How to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria?

Just like every other business, you will need to have some good training before you start. This business is not as stressful as so many other business, and that’s the reasons why so many people are venturing to it.

Recharge card business among the businesses you can start with low Capital. It’s even possible to start printing and selling your own recharge cards with as low as #50,000 (City Thousand) Naira. The profit margin of this business is okay; you will earn with time.

You need to have small capital befie you start recharge card printing business in Nigeria, because you will be needing the software or machine. The recharge card printing software isn’t free neither is the machine, you will have to pay for anyone you prefers to use.

The difference between a recharge card printing software and recharge card printing Machine

There are no much difference between the printing software and machine. However, you have to note that the software is usually installed manually into a computer set like; a laptop. On the other hand, you can buy a printing machine too.

Starting a profitable recharge card printing business in Nigeria requires your full effort and dedication. Just like every other business, you will have to give your new recharge card business time to grow.

Feasibility on the profit you cab earn by starting a recharge card business in Nigeria today

Now, let’s do the calculation so you will see how much you can make by starting your own recharge card business today. I know you are currently asking “If recharge card business is profit oriented?” Or how much can I make by starting an MTN, Glo, Etisalaet (9mobile) or Airtel recharge cards business?

First, you have to note that the denominations of card you print will directly affect the gain you will make. Read this simple guide before starting a recharge card printing business in Nigeria so won’t make huge mistakes later.

You have to note that the major denominations of recharge cards are:





#1,000 and #1,500 (One thousand Five hundred Naira).

You are to ask your recharge card printing business in Nigeria dealer about the profits attracted to each of the above listed denominations of cards. However, you can get the list’s of approved dealers from us – But it’s not in a PDF format.

Please Note: Always ensure you read any guide/manual about recharge card business before you start using any recharge software or machine.

Don’t forget to comment below in case you have any questions.


  1. what is the name of the software or Machine? because I just got Baxi Box, which i thick it also used for printing of recharge card, but the expire date is 3days. please i appreciate to get more info on this.

  2. please do update me on knew business opportunities and all you post not forgetting job recruitments.please can you throw more light on the recharge Card printing steps/requirments please, thanks.