See who owns Facebook in 2017 – Facebook Messenger’s Net Worth is

We’ve explained everything that will let you know who owns Facebook in 2017. Not only that, you will also see the net Worth of Facebook Messenger owner.

Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media andsocial networking service based in Menlo Park, California.

Everyone knows who Mark Zuckerberg is, he’s famous as the owner, founder and CEO of Facebook, and made even more famous when the movie ‘The Social Network’ was released, which tells the tales of the turbulent early days of Facebook.

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A brief history of Facebook

Facebook started life in 2003 as a game called Facemash created by Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who were roommates at Harvard University at the time.

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Who owns Facebook?

Facebook went public in May 2012 in one of the biggest technology IPOs in history. The social network was valued at $104 billion, the highest valuation ever for a newly public company, making 28-year-old Zuckerberg worth more than  $17.5 billion overnight.

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The company’s shares have climbed, following a shaky start, and Zuckerberg is now the 5th richest person in the world with $70.4 billion.

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Here’s another little interesting fact about Facebook. In 2011, Zynga, the owner of social games such as FarmVille, was responsible for roughly 12% of Facebook’s earnings. And that’s massive.

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