Top 20 Star Trek Next Generation Cast You Must Know

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

The saying, that there is ability in disability, can be applicable to La forge. He has an exceptional character that gained him much attention from fans. He has been blind since birth and uses technological devices that allow him to see – a VISOR in the series and the first film, replaced by ocular prosthetic implants in his last three films.

Geordi La Forge, is the son of Edward M. and Silva La Forge, he was born in the African Confederation, Earth on February 16, 2335. He was born completely blind. The blindness was caused by an “incurable optical nerve defect.” In 2340, when he was the age of five, La Forge was briefly caught in a fire, and unable to escape, due to his blindness. He was rescued by his father, and shortly after was given his first VISOR from Dr. Lenske

He is known to be Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. He was a fictional character who appeared in all seven seasons of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and its four feature films. His first appearance in television, was at “Encounter at far point” in 1987 (the next generation), while his last appearance was at “Timeless” in 1988.

George La Forge was a quadriplegic fan of the original Star Trek TV series who sadly passed away in 1975. With creator Gene Roddenberry focused on creating a new character with disabilities, it was screenwriter David Gerrod who suggested naming the character after the long-time fan. They both agreed this would be a special tribute to the late dedicated Trekkie.

One notable thing George La forge was very famous for, was serving as chief engineer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E.

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