Do you want to know know more about Tekno Biography? Here is all you need to know about Tekno Miles.

You will discover many things you don’t know about this Popular Nigerian musician from this page. Tekno real name is Augustine Miles Kelechi.

Born Augustine Miles Kelechi in Bauchi State, Nigeria, Tekno Miles is a descent of Ebonyi State but grew up in several parts of the country including Nassarawa, Kaduna and Abuja due to the fact that his father was a member of the Nigerian Army.

At the age of 8, Tekno Miles was enrolled into a music school where he learnt and mastered the rudiments of playing the piano and guitar.

According to him the music was so good that he didn’t notice He’d come this far. When he reminisce, he realise that he was actually coming to the limelight but he didn’t see it like that, having to go to the studio and all that. Tekno believes In the industry, if you’re good, you will be noticed.

Your work will speak for you. He hustled so much till K-Money his first record label boss, saw him at Abuja and asked if he was Tekno. K-Money helped him; he put his money in there, gave him a car, a house and a life. He went from zero to 100. He helped him shoot a movie that cost N3 million.

Teekno speaking on what inspired him to go into movies:
Really, someone came to me saying that they wanted to shoot a movie. They came, we talked about it, and it was nice. It was about a ghetto kid who hustled to the mainstream, it was pretty much my life. The idea was nice and they needed someone that could play musical instrument and produce at the same time. It was not like we planned to do a movie, I was actually approached and it was a success. 

Tekno Biography – All you need to Augustine Miles Kelechi

Speaking on his blonde hair style:
There was a time they used to call me the golden boy. The golden boy was there before the hair, somehow it just happened.

I tried it out, it made a lot of sense, that’s the hair I was rocking in Holiday video and I went back to the black hair and everyone was like no way, you have to come back to your blonde and all that and I brought it back. The look is great, a lot of people love the look and I’m going to bring you guys a lot of swag.
How do you feel on stage when performing?
When I’m on stage that is when I come alive because the stage is my toilet. I drop sh-t there. And the reason why I’m studying the theoretical aspect of music is that when you put me out there in a concert, on a bigger stage, I can rise to the occasion.

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