Read this guide to login or how to create your own free Facebook account.

Do you know that joining the world popular social network/ media is so easy? login, sign in and new account sign up is very easy.

We have provided useful guide to help you sign in to after you might have completed your account registration.

Facebook login is so easy, you can login online anytime. You can do more when you have a Facebook account. From you can meet new Friends. News updates will be available for you online too. is among the most viewed website in Nigeria. The West African States uses Facebook to chat and share information with friends. You can join friends and family members when you register.

With a mobile phone and internet connection, you login to it’s not necessary that you must have a computer. With your mobile phone, you can easily login to THE new trend of technology, you do not need to have an internet connection to access Facebook. Once your internet connection is on you can chat with friends.

You can connect with family and friends together after your Facebook registration for new account. You can also get update from Facebook without have an internet connection.

The good things about this social network is that you can receive and reply Facebook messages.
Facebook messages can be viewed on both Mobil and desktop and laptop computers.

Facebook is always on for you to chat and enjoy. There are other things you can do on Facebook website. I have discussed some of the things you can on

How to complete login online

Once you sign up online, you can send and receive chats. Instant messages is allowed on before you can chat, you need to have Facebook friends via According to a statistics, thousands of Facebook users chat online every hour.

Upload and view pictures: Millions of beautiful pictures are on Facebook. You can view pictures of people on Facebook for free. If you lo e taking new pictures, you can snap and share your own image with friends.

Creating a fan page on after you sign up

Once you have a Facebook account, you can become popular. A we.facebook. fan page or business page is where you can load information concerning you or your business. From you can promote your own company online.

Play games: Most people don’t know about this feature on and to use it well. You can play any game of your choice online via Facebook website. Both android and BlackBerry games can be played online via the official Facebook online.
Instant Instagram Account: will also give you access to create and Instagram account for free. Instagram is an image sharing platform, where you can snap and upload an image for free. By have a Facebook account, you have automatically gotten an Instagram profile.

To get a free Facebook account, kindly follow the steps I have outlined below. You can start charting with friends and family members on the go. Once you create a Facebook account via you will enjoy Facebook chat.

  • Login to
  • Click on create new account button
    Enter your email and names
  • Chose your password
  • Kindly type in your date of birth and select your gender.
    After filling the form kindly follow the next step by verifying your phone number or email address.

You will receive a message saying welcome to Facebook. Drop your comment below.