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In order to reduce numerous complaints and allay palpable fears of unpaid volunteers who feel that their non/payment may be because they have been disqualified from the Programme. we decided that we would upload their Payment History unto their portal….the essence is to trigger them to action for those requiring updates to their accounts etc so they can be paid.

This is also to negate numerous rumour mill that the N-Power team or Focal Persons in the various states have invested their money hence they are not being paid. At least each volunteer can see the reason why he or she is yet to be paid in his NPVN Portal.

Those with BLANK PAYMENT HISTORY are those who currently by the records (we sent out to all Focal Persons last 3 weeks) are either ABSENT OR DISQUALIFIED! Once we receive the Final Master List reconciliation which we have requested from every State we would be able to finalize reconciliations and then shut out the No-Shows and Disqualified permanently from the portal. Ultimately, every valid, verified volunteer should have a Payment History.

N-power volunteers will receive message first week of June of where to pick their device.

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