Are you looking for how to download Zenith bank mobile app on Android, IPhone and BlackBerry mobile phone? Do you know that you will enjoy banking better when you download the zenith bank app?

You will learn all the steps to download and install the zenith bank application from here. The app works on almost all Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. You can also download the zenith bank app on tablets.

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Keep reading, If you are ready to start banking at your finger print. You will discover amazing things you’ve been missing for not having the zenith bank Nigeria app.

About Zenith Bank Mobile App

Banking on the go just got even easier with Zenith Bank’s mobile banking app. Get access to your accounts 24 hours a day from wherever you are, transfer funds, pay bills and experience the freedom of banking on your terms.

A Dual Functionality App

A quick download of ourmobile banking app can transform your smartphone into a powerful banking tool. Zenith Bank Mobile App is a dual functionality app which bundles Mobile Banking and eaZymoney


Download now and experience the speed and convenience of banking on the go.


A user may register as either an Internet Banking user or a non-Internet Banking user. To register as internet banking user you will need your hardware token, your Internet banking PIN and the One Time Password generated from your token. A non-internet banking user would need her mobile number setup for alertz on her registered account to receive an SMS soft token

Internet Banking User

  1. Enter your account number, (Ensure the Internet Banking user is selected).
  2. Create a password (password is numeric and 6 digits, this will be used to log-in to the app).
  3. Create a MOBILE PIN; Numeric and 4 digits ( which is an alternate means for consummating
  4. You will be asked to enter your PIN + TOKEN (For authentication).
  5. Once successful, the next page you will see is the LOGIN PAGE. To begin using the service, enter your account number registered and your password created during registration.

Non- Internet Banking User

  1. Create a password (password is numeric and 6 digits, this will be used to log-in to the zenith bank mobile app)
  2. Create a MOBILE PIN; Numeric and 4 digits ( which is the only means for a non-Internet Banking
    user to consummate transactions)
  3. You will be After successful registration, you will be directed straight to the login page the next
    time you launch the app, Registration is done once only.

Installation of tthis app is very easy, just click on the install button after you finish the download to install. Once installed, kindly open and run app, then follow the above  steps to start banking on the go.

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Zenith Bank customers care units are always available to help you with any of your banking needs. Do you have a question about the zenith bank mobile app and how to use it? They’ve got answers to some frequently asked questions about their products and services and much more.

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Warning: Always make sure you protect your zenith bank mobile app login details from third party access. Keeping the app login password secret will help you bank better.

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